About TCU Club

The Tri-County Unity Club is an outside organization separate and distant from Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon or any other 12-step group. We are a meeting place for people in recovery. Each meeting held at Tri-County Unity Club is conducted as an autonomous group and each group pays rent to the Club to help pay operating expenses. Alcoholics Anonymous does not finance or lend it’s name to any outside enterprise, therefore the Tri-County Unity Club is a different entity.

Rent from meetings covers only a small portion of our expenses. Tri-County Unity Club has played a vital roll in the welfare of our community for over 34 years due to the willingness and generosity of our volunteers, fund raising events, as well as a few donors. If you want to learn more about Tri-County Unity Club you may contact Meg at 262-210-1355 or Brian at 920-390-4381.

There are an assortment of resources available at the club for the newcomer as well as the not-so-new recovering person. Many find support and learn about new ways to change and improve their lives. Every day we are witnesses to the miracles recovery has given to so many.

Tri-County Unity Club welcomes and encourages those in recovery and those who want to learn about alcohol/drug dependency to come and enjoy the fellowship we’ve grown to support, value and appreciate.