You Are NOT Alone

Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, alcoholism and drugs can destroy your life, the lives of your friends and your loved ones. We know, we’ve been there, you’re not alone.

Although we mention God and speak phrases such as “our Higher Power” we are not a religious group but instead we’re all about the spirituality and the power within ourselves.


The members of the Tri-County Unity Club invite you to join us. We hold AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) MEETINGS at various times every day of the week and you never need to call ahead or make a reservation. Spanish speaking meetings are available and included in our MEETING SCHEDULE. All you need to do is walk through our doors and sit down with us at our tables. We are located at 110 S. 2nd Street just South of Main Street in downtown Watertown, WI.

You can speak if you wish or just listen if you prefer. If you’d like to speak privately with one of our members, just ask them. Anonymously based, we believe what goes on here stays here.

Requirements to Attend

The only requirement to attend our meetings is a desire to stop drinking or doing drugs. There are no fees to attend but we are grateful for any contribution you can afford even if it’s just a dollar. All contributions go towards the rent and maintenance of our building so that we can keep our doors open for those who want help.